Pat Roy Crane Enterprise, LLC.



With LSBDC assistance, Pat Roy secured $103,000 in financing and more than doubled his sales.

Pat Roy first visited the Louisiana Small Business Development Center at Southern University in August 2007 when he made the decision to take his 20 plus years of crane operating experience and use it to make money for himself. He was interested in starting a crane business that would primarily target companies that use cranes when cutting down trees. Although Roy has years of experience as a Crane Operator, he needed help starting his new business venture. He requested help with the start-up process and with completing his business plan so that he could secure financing. 

Business Consultant Leighton Bryant, provided Roy with information on his financing options, as well as assistance with structuring his business. As a result, Roy secured his initial loan in December 2007, which allowed him to purchase a 30-ton crane and open his business. 

Two years later, after the successful launch of his business, Roy returned to the LSBDC seeking financial assistance.  Bryant helped him with financial projections and packaging an SBA Go Loan.  Again, Roy obtained financing including both a traditional loan and SBA loan. Over the last three years, Roy has received funding totaling $103,000 and has more than doubled his sales.


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