New Orleans Redevelopment Authority Request for Proposals -
Lots to Celebrate Program

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The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Lots To Celebrate program in support of temporary public art and community event projects for the Tricentennial on NORA-owned vacant lots. Projects such as art installations, community-focused events, and performing arts exhibitions are eligible uses under the program. Program applicants should actively engage residents and community members in the design and planning of the proposed project or event and incorporate the themes of community pride and the city’s 300th anniversary.

This solicitation is intended for individuals and organizations seeking to temporarily activate vacant lots owned by NORA through creative programming efforts that highlight the culture and history of the surrounding community while celebrating the Tricentennial.

All applications submitted on time will be evaluated by staff based on the following categories: (i) Proposal Strength, (ii) Artistic Merit/Relevance, and (iii) Community Engagement and Impact. More information about the scoring criteria can be found in the application.

Funding will not be available from NORA for the creation or implementation of artwork or events on the lots. Therefore, applicants must have the capacity to leverage other available resources to fund, implement, and maintain any proposed temporary use of the lots.

NORA will accept applications on a rolling basis from April 17 through August 17, 2018. For more information regarding the Lots to Celebrate Program please visit NORA's website here.


Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans

  Kaitlin Guerin

Lagniappe Baking Co. is an independently owned and led bakery, selling weekly assorted pastry boxes and specialty cakes. Kaitlin Guerin is a Black Pastry Chef born and raised in New Orleans and has spent her adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving back home in 2020. Guerin is committed to working with seasonal, fresh, Louisiana ingredients, and with an entrepreneurial spirit, hopes to curate memorable food experiences for others in her years to come.



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