House of Sole runs in Lake Charles



Today, David and Tony both work at the store and have a part time employee to help out as needed.  They have been helping runners, sports teams and their moms get fitted correctly for their shoes for over a year. 

David Reid and Tony Duhon are runners and have been for many years.  They know the benefits of running and the need for quality running shoes.  Lake Charles didn’t have a retail store that sold and fitted quality running shoes.  Hence, the idea for a retail store began.

The idea started with David, and Tony (his friend) soon became interested in the venture also.  David, who is a member of the Lake Area Runners Association, knew what kind of shoes were needed and how to fit his customers with the proper shoe.  Tony is the numbers guy.

House of Sole opened in June 2016 on Ryan Street in the Pzazz Shopping Center.  The partners found distributors right away and began purchasing inventory.  House of Sole hosted a running event on July 16, 2016, which was the first of many runs. The first event was Ansley’s Angels, a benefit run for those affected by Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD).  This run was an excellent way for House of Sole to begin their marketing campaign.


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