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Tyrone Harrell obtained a $25,000 unsecured Micro Loan to start his termite and pest control business.

Tyrone Harrell is a native New Orleanian and an Army Veteran.  During the past 16 years working in the termite and pest control business, Harrell started at the bottom working his way up to a managerial position in the national organization.  In 2010 he decided to open his own termite and pest control business.

Needing direction and advice on how to start the business, Harrell contacted the Louisiana Small Business Development Center Greater New Orleans Region for assistance with completing a business plan and the necessary financial projections in order to secure a business loan. 

Business Consultant Allen Villarrubia helped Harrell secure a $25,000 unsecured micro loan through ASI Federal Credit Union to jumpstart his business. Harrell opened for business in October 2010, and now has a promising and growing business.  He aims to provide quality and affordable termite and pest control services to residential and commercial customers in the Greater New Orleans area. “Allen’s  [LSBDC Business Consultant] knowledge of the business made it easy to work with the LSBDC,” said Harrell.  

Harrell has received awards and recognition from Purdue University Center for Urban & Industrial Pest Management & Technology course, Texas A & M University Correspondence Course in Termite Biology, and AIB International Food Processing Sanitation/Hygiene Correspondence Course.

Source: https://www.lsbdc.org

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