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Beekeeping has been a part of the Carmichael family for three generations, starting with Nathan Carmichael’s grandfather in the early-to-mid 1900's.  The craft was passed down to Nathan's father, who began to keep bees commercially in 1989, when Nathan was just three years old.  By the time Nathan was five, he had his own bee suit and began accompanying his dad to the hives and by the time he was 8, Nathan had purchased his own hive from his father.  

?Nathan initially sold the honey he harvested to neighbors, family, and friends and by 2013, Carmichael's Honey LLC was born.  He started with 50 hives of his own, but as sales took off, he began buying bulk honey from other producers such as his father. By the second year of operations, Carmichael's Honey was found in local and regional grocery stores and today is sold in over 2,000 retail stores across ten states. 

During 2020, permanent financing was secured through Rayne State Bank and Louisiana Capital CDC, Inc. via the SBA 504 loan program for the purchase of a larger facility to serve as the new home for Carmichael's Honey plus equipment to expand their operations to include bottling and distribution of their many products.


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