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Editor’s note: The Office of New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell recently noted several accomplishments in 2022. We are reprinting the sections on economic and workforce development, and infrastructure. You may access the complete bulletin here.
Economic and Workforce Development
Since taking office in 2018, one primary focus of the Cantrell Administration has been to diversify and grow the local economy. This includes advancement, investments, and job training opportunities in technology, healthcare, renewable energy, and the cultural economy.
  • Recently announced Biomedical Epicenter, where health care, education, and job creation converge, will position New Orleans as a global center of excellence in healthcare specialties
  • Invested $5 million toward AdvancingCities work in Blue-Green economy
  • Supported initiatives for green energy to include Offshore Wind policy and workforce development, energy transition and production, transmission, and storage
  • Spearheaded the passing of the BioDistrict tax increment financing (TIF) district
  • Worked with GNO Inc. to secure $50 million grant from the United States Department of Commerce for research and workforce development focused on the production and usage of hydrogen
New Orleans city viewThe Office of Cultural Economy (OCE) remains committed to promoting and preserving culture-bearers and creators. This is accomplished through year-round cultural events and various grant and funding opportunities.
  • Invested $700,000 in resources to support OCE partnered/sponsored cultural events that have generated economic profit greater than pre-pandemic levels
  • Fourth largest major film production hub in the United States—Film New Orleans companies invested $884 million to directly support a workforce of 2,000 union crew members (90 percent local) and film-related businesses
  • New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund awarded $5.5 million in grants  
The Office of Workforce Development’s main objective is growing the local workforce and providing training opportunities for individuals.
  • $1.5 million investment received to create the Mayor's Strike Team
  • JOB1 provided over 929 new job seekers with employment and training services, placed over 1,000 job seekers in employment with 172 new employers
  • Employed 506 youth in the Mayor’s 2022 Summer Youth Employment Program
  • Received $2.9 million Comprehensive and Accessible Reemployment Through Equitable Employment Recovery (CAREERS) Grant to enroll recently incarcerated participants to gain skills in priority industries as stated in the City GETP as well as unhoused individuals
The administration has made significant progress this year in tackling aging infrastructure.
  • Sewerage Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) broke ground on Phase I of the West Power Complex Substation at a cost of $34 million
  • The Capital Projects Administration completed 20 facility projects valued at $66.2 million
  • Continued the $2.4 billion FEMA funded Joint Infrastructure Recovery Response program administered by the Department of Public Works (DPW) and SWBNO
  • DPW processed and routed over 300 contracts including: emergency traffic signal repairs, streetlight repair and rehabilitation services, emergency drainage assessment and cleaning, streetlight management services, and emergency catch basin repairs
  • DPW completed 14 roadwork projects valued at $97 million and repaired more than 6,000 potholes on nearly 400 city blocks
  • DPW contractors currently working on 55 roads, encompassing 2,800 city blocks, valued at $615 million
  • Parks and Parkways planted 1,228 new trees across the city, and launched the $1 million Citywide Tree Planting Project, consisting of 1,165 trees, currently underway
For more information on the Cantrell Administration's 2022 accomplishments, visit City of New Orleans—News (

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