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New Orleans has a crime problem. The solution is not more police. The solution is more and better jobs. In New Orleans, that means more and better Black-owned businesses. Black businesses create better jobs for African Americans. And that is because Black businesses hire African Americans at a higher rate and pay them more money. Our community needs more Black jobs. Those are jobs for us by us. 
We Need Black Jobs
Black jobs by definition are offered by African American businesses to African American people. Black companies hiring Black people. Strong African American companies create generational wealth. People with good jobs are good taxpaying citizens. Our city council must create meaningful pathways to Black jobs. Creating access to contracts and the capital to fulfill them is the proper role of our city council. Some states offer free land or no taxes to attract businesses. The New Orleans City Council must offer contracts and capital. That creates Black jobs—African American companies hiring African American people to do work.
Black business peopleBlack jobs are the key to our city’s future. Growing an African American business class provides long-term stability for our families. Hiring African Americans and providing good paying jobs have immediate impacts. People with good jobs are much less likely to engage in crime. If you got a good job—paying all your bills and have some left over—you don’t need to be on the corners involved in street crime. If you have a good paying job, you will not be angry all the time. You will have something to live for. And you won’t shoot the guy next door over “disrespect!” And having an African American company to offer the jobs means better jobs.
The best employers for young African American men are African American businesses. A reason White-owned companies hire more White employees is because people like to work with people who are like them. Cohesive, happy environments foster creativity, productivity, and profitability. Yes, diversity is very important. But we just do not have enough successful African American businesses. This dearth contributes to the troubled neighborhoods. We must do better in New Orleans. We must develop, support, and grow more African American businesses. Creating business opportunities in our communities strengthens our communities. Good jobs help young men develop into good citizens. And growing Black businesses promote other ancillary Black businesses. Those will also hire African Americans. Black jobs are the best jobs.
For our existing African American-owned businesses, we need to support and protect them. Bigger companies want their valuable contracts. But the city council must protect these contracts. We need successful African American companies to support our communities. The profits stay here and are multiplied when the companies are New Orleans-based. New Orleans-based African American companies help reduce crime, grow the tax base, and create more business opportunities. More Black jobs make New Orleans a better city.
We must support our local businesses. Our political leaders must contribute to their success. If they need help, that is precisely the role of government. Instead of tax breaks to attract big businesses, we need tax incentives that support local businesses. Support our local African American-owned businesses. They create Black jobs. Black jobs are the best jobs.

Jeff Thomas is the owner, publisher, and editor of Think504/Black Source Media and an owner/partner of WBOK 1230 AM, one of the oldest and longest running, Black-owned radio stations in the country.

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