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The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) has announced the launch of the Statewide Transportation Plan website dedicated to sharing information and seeking public input on transportation needs in Louisiana. The website allows DOTD to engage the public as they update the Statewide Transportation Plan and several modal plans. The website address is latransportationplan.la.gov
LDEQ 1The site offers an overview of DOTD’s statewide planning process, including updates to the aviation, freight, and rail modal plans. The website also hosts the Statewide Transportation Plan that will shape the state’s infrastructure landscape through 2055.
“We believe that public involvement is an important process to understanding transportation needs in the state,” says Dawn Sholmire, Statewide Transportation Plan project manager for DOTD. “Our website’s features make it easy for the people of Louisiana to provide input on Louisiana’s transportation system. We’re excited to work with our residents to create a transportation network that serves everyone effectively.”
New Orleans bridgeAccording to Sholmire, the user-friendly website features straightforward navigation and information to provide a clear understanding of the existing transportation system and will help identify areas where improvements are critical.
The website home page says, “Transportation is about moving people and goods safely and efficiently within the state and across the country. In a world with ever-changing transportation needs and technological advancement, it is important for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to prepare and update plans regularly. This enables Louisiana to effectively manage the entire transportation system and ensure system longevity as the transportation sector continues to evolve. Last updated in 2015, the DOTD is currently updating the Statewide Transportation Plan, which will be complete in 2025.”
The site goes on to explain that, to guide the decision-making processes, DOTD will establish a series of goals and objectives that will be used throughout the planning process to inform the plan and lay a framework for the future of Louisiana’s transportation system. These goals and objectives are meant to prioritize the needs and desires of Louisianans and anticipate shifting transportation needs in the coming years. Through stakeholder and public input, DOTD will be able to solidify these goals and objectives, which can be used as performance measures to evaluate the success of the plan.

To participate in shaping Louisiana's transportation future, Louisiana citizens can access the website at latransportationplan.la.gov and sign up to receive updates about engagement opportunities or provide comments.
About the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD)
The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is the state agency responsible for overseeing and maintaining the transportation infrastructure that connects communities across Louisiana. With a commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation, DOTD strives to provide a reliable and accessible transportation network that supports economic growth, enhances the quality of life, and ensures the well-being of all residents.
About the Statewide Transportation Plan
The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development is updating its Statewide Transportation Plan to reflect a comprehensive, community-oriented transportation network for the next thirty years. This update seeks to construct a transport system that builds upon the state's competitiveness in the global economy and enhances the convenience of travel for local residents. The Statewide Transportation Plan will emerge as a product of extensive dialogues with transportation stakeholders and communities across the entire state. The planning process will draw insights from these discussions and evaluations, and align with the Louisiana DOTD's shared objectives and its collaborating agencies.

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