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NEW ORLEANS—The City of New Orleans is set to receive a $4.1 million federal funding appropriation for the redevelopment of Lincoln Beach, secured by United States Congressman Troy Carter. This allocation is part of the overall $24.6 million funding dedicated to bringing Lincoln Beach back to New Orleans East.
LDEQ 1Lincoln Beach is a fifteen-acre peninsula abutting Lake Pontchartrain and bounded by Hayne Boulevard. The city is currently in the master planning phase, and public meetings began in January to allow residents to share feedback on their vision for Lincoln Beach. The second round of public meetings is planned for later this spring.
New Orleans Lincoln Beach“I want to thank Congressman Carter for working with me to bring Lincoln Beach back to New Orleans for public use,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “The allocation of $4.1 million would not have been possible without his assistance, and these funds will be used to build a pedestrian bridge from the parking lot to the beach, providing a much-needed safe crossing over Hayne Boulevard, the floodwall, and railroad tracks. Once fully redeveloped, this historic site will be a place of pride for New Orleans East and our entire city. I look forward to one day crossing the Lincoln Beach Bridge with Congressman Carter to enjoy our beach.”
During the first round of master planning public meetings, participants listed a variety of potential uses, including recreation, eco-tourism, education, historic preservation, and music events. It is anticipated that the redeveloped Lincoln Beach will stimulate area economic development.
“During the Jim Crow era, Lincoln Beach was a hub of Black culture, fun, and unity. But after desegregation, it was left in disrepair,” said Congressman Troy A. Carter Sr. “The Community Project Funding I secured for Louisiana in the FY 2024 budget allocates $4.1 million for the Lincoln Bridge Access Project. This will be used to build an access bridge for beach patrons and get the utilities needed to make this area safe for public use again. I’ve been talking about this since I first ran for office. Promises made, promises kept!”
Before its closing in 1964, Lincoln Beach featured amusement fair rides, games, restaurants, a swimming pool, access to lake swimming, and frequent live music performances by famous musicians such as Fats Domino, Irma Thomas, and Nat “King” Cole.

Lincoln Beach Redevelopement Project Status
In September 2023, in response to five proposals submitted to the city, the project team selected a firm to develop a Master Plan for Lincoln Beach. The city chose Sasaki, Inc., a firm that has created master plans for waterfront recreational parks around the world.

The Lincoln Beach Community Advisory Committee was established by Mayor Cantrell to include representatives of the Lincoln Beach area communities and members of the administration.
Construction contracts to address immediate needs at the beach, such as the repairing the shelters and pavement were tentatively scheduled to go to bid in the first quarter of 2024. Register on BRASS to be notified of upcoming construction contract opportunities.
The first of the community engagement meetings began in January 2024. For updates on the master planning process, dates for upcoming public meetings, and more information on how you can participate in determining the future of Lincoln Beach, visit
Current Conditions
Closed since 1964, structures and facilities at Lincoln Beach have gradually deteriorated over time due to lack of maintenance and a barrage of hurricane impacts, causing unsafe conditions at the site.

The Cantrell Administration is prioritizing quality of life issues. In 2021, the city completed a Site Assessment showing the current conditions of the beach and identified the kind of mitigation activities that would be necessary to return it to public use.
Access to the Lincoln Beach site is prohibited; however, there is ample evidence of unpermitted and unlawful use of the beach and property behind the Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity earthen levee and floodwall on Hayne Boulevard. Prior to being closed, the beach was accessible through a tunnel beneath the levee. The tunnel is currently fenced and filled with water and wildlife including alligators and venomous snakes.

The Site Assessment is available here. It includes the following elements:
Phase 1
  • Environmental Site Assessment and Habitat Assessment—a simple habitat assessment of the beach area to determine plant species that are present on site, and characterize habitat types and percent cover. Specifically, identify potentially poisonous flora, such as poisonous oak or ivy, which could pose a risk to staff or volunteers performing clean-up activities. Identify invasive species and percent cover, provide an estimate to facilitate removal of such invasive species.
  • Facility Asset Assessment—update the site inventory and assess the conditions of the parking lot structures, shelters, tunnels, swimming pool, concrete pads, and other historic structures.
  • Facility Access Assessment—evaluate current pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular, and public transit access possibilities and limitations. Potential future access points that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act will be identified, and opportunities and challenges for implementing future access points for pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular, and public transit will be evaluated.
  • Utility Assessment—conduct a utility assessment including existing drainage, sewerage, potable water, gas, and electrical systems.
  • Topographic, Bathymetric, and Magnetometer Survey—survey of the shoreline demonstrating average water depths and the location of underwater debris that may present a challenge to converting the space to recreational use.
  • Comprehensive Site Assessment—include conceptual level engineering evaluation and drawings indicating potential areas of future development of the site, suitability of the existing beach for recreational use, suitability of the existing waterfront structures and nearshore areas for recreational boating access, potential areas of ingress/egress, list of potential permits required for development of the site, and areas unsuitable for development due to the presence of wetlands or other environmental concerns.
Phase 2
  • Lincoln Beach Redevelopment Master Plan—currently, the Office of Resilience and Sustainability is spearheading the master planning process which includes other city agencies, residents, and environmental groups. Future use of the site may include recreation, eco-tourism, education, historic preservation, rentable dock space, and special events or concert space. The future site must be accessible to the general public, vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, seniors, and people with disabilities when it opens.
Residents are reminded that Lincoln Beach is not currently open to the public for recreation. Existing structures are not safe or structurally sound.

Questions about the Lincoln Beach Redevelopment Master Plan may be directed to Cheryn Robles at .

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